This task means taking on a considerable amount of responsibility and will entail a diverse range of obligations. You can find here an overview on finances, controlling, assistance by the German Federal Employment Agency, useful information about personnel management and tendering law in NRW.

Finances and Controlling

Financing and controlling play an important part in successful long-term business management.

You can use the wage and income tax calculator on the website of the German Federal Ministry of Finance to calculate your income tax. The income calculator will also determine your average tax rate on the basis of your taxable income and how much will remain after taxes in the case of additional earnings.

Controlling is also discussed in detail in the brochure “Gründer Zeiten 23” issued by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy which may be found in the download area here:

Financial Support from the German Federal Employment Agency

In many industries, the chambers offer support to small and medium-sized businesses who find themselves in financial difficulties that they cannot overcome on their own despite having good market opportunities.

The German Federal Employment Agency provides important information on the theme of “Financial Support" on their website. This includes information on potential areas for support, such as insolvency payments and integration subsidies.


Hiring and managing qualified employees is one of the decisive factors for success for any business. Special skills are required for personnel management, i.e. for agreeing on wages and salaries, compliance with social security regulations and filling positions with suitable applicants.

Detailed information on this topic is provided on the website of the German Federal Employment Agency, in particular:

  • General information about hiring foreign employees
  • A leaflet about the distinction between the use of temporary employees and the posting of employees
  • Information from the International Placement Services (ZAV) of the German Federal Employment Agency about admission to the German labour market
  • Important information about employing refugees and about the need for skilled staff

For more information about taking on employees, please see “Registering a Business”.


A central point of contact for public tendering for companies, municipalities and state authorities has been established under the direction of the Ministry of Finance at vergabe.NRW.

On this platform, you will find a large amount of target group-specific information.

This provides visitors to the website with a transparent overview of the procurement activities of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It also enables municipalities to participate in various ways – for example, functional components, such as the tendering marketplace, allow tendering processes to be performed by electronic means.

The tendering marketplace may also be found at https://www.evergabe.nrw.de/VMPCenter/company/welcome.do.